Rocking a Lagos party requires a lot of skills.

If you are anything like Mrs. O.M. it means music is what determines how long the night will be. Let’s keep it real  most of the stilettos we ladies adorn at functions do not allow us dance and stunt as much as we would like too.

When the Ola long night was birthed this was the concept behind it. A purse that was chic enough to match your attire but also spacious enough to carry a pair of flip flops or pumps to change into as the night transcends.

The Ola long night is a long rectangular shaped clutch with an abstract flap. The flaps depending on the style of the bag are either in the leather of the colour of the bag with a button or are covered in fur. The newer collections have also seen an addition of a Gold vintage appliqué on the flap as an embellishment. As is common with most Okiki Marinho bags, it carrys our signatory magnetic snap closure so contents within remain safe and secured.

The Ola long night is every ladies dream. No matter the occasion, wedding to after party or heels to pumps this bag allows you to conveniently carry your other pair. Making sure as you swing on the dance floor with your bag under your arms, you are mind free of shoe uneasiness, you are chic and at the peak of your dance game!

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