We had a breathtaking Fashion Presentation at the just concluded Butterscotch Evenings. It was headlined by Brian Mcknight amongst other celebrities. The models consisted of family and friends who volunteered to take part in the theme which was “Everyday women & men are beautiful”. The outfits consisted of our signature Wrap Dresses, Wrap Blouse & Wrap Skirt, Exhibition Peplum Blouse/Pencil Skirt, Bubu, High-Low Dress & Matching Blouse/Trouser Set. The models got to show off our exquisite handcrafted handbags ranging from the Ola HMS Red, Ola Vase Black, Ola Talking Drum Yellow, Ola Fuse Sea Breeze Fur, Ola Fuse Pink, Ola Long Night Clutch, Ola Mini in Metallic Silver, Bronze & Coral. Our Faceless Billionaire got to carry our state of the art Marinho Boss Briefcase. The night ended with a loud applause and a lot of celebrities praised the brand at the after party. The clothes will be on sale soon on the website but in the interim kindly click on the links below to see more of the bags. Remember you can buy on the site and there is a Free Delivery Promo for most places around the world!!!









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