As an ardent fan of some of the biggest brands in fashion, I have admired the tenacity of some bag styles that have come and stayed in the global fashion market. Whether a tote style, a clutch or a ruck sack many of the big players in fashion have carved a niche for themselves by introducing statement bags.

At Okiki Marinho, from inception to date, one of the bestsellers has been the Ola Mini. It has evolved in style, size and a variation of colours. Made in a sturdy stand up box pattern, it includes a magnetic ‘U’ flap, studs beneath (so it stands firmly on all surfaces), a gold chain and room enough for your minute essentials. It has often times also included add-ons, such as a fur on the flap and sides.

The Ola Mini is an ideal companion on a night out, at a party, for a wedding or maybe just a casual day on the town. Some fashionistas even carry it as a daily travel companion. Though this is a Mini bag, it comes as a mighty surprise to buyers how much it can carry. Fashion blogger @thevirtuousstyle can attest to this.

To purchase the Ola Mini, please click the link

Below are pictures of the very many ways @thevirtuousstyle has rocked her Ola Mini in silver.


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