In this very moment, I am quite certain only a few Sub-Saharan regions will be hotter than Lagos!! Dear readers, I have been contemplating how long you would need to leave an egg on any surface outside for it to poach. This heat is unbelievable!!

Through it all, I have kept my cool reflecting, reminiscing and reminding myself how much I love my job. It allows me to see happiness in all its forms. You will never truly understand until you see the smile on a woman’s face in a dress that makes her feel completely ‘woman’. That is the joy you realize from purchasing our ‘Classic Rose wrap blouse & skirt.

Through all the dressing room gist, some of my favourite moments have been the exclamations when this outfit embraces the buyers body “oh my goodness, I have a figure”, “Dear Lord, I can’t even see the issues in my mid section”, “Where did my tummy go?”, “This outfit will live in my collection forever, it is so timeless”. What a joy it is to know that a universal problem can be solved by wrapping a chic, properly finished ensemble on your body.

The Classic Rose wrap blouse & skirt is made from a 3D floral pattern silk. It is adorned with a simple ‘V’ neck line to show off décolletage and cinch you at the waist whether the rope is tied behind or at the side. The skirt also has a drop pleat effect in front that conceals tummy area and gives a beautiful slimming curve to your body.

The beauty of this outfit lies its design, amiable colour, timeless structure and compatibility with very minimal accessories needed.

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