When I first encountered this style of bag in the Ola Fuse range, the first thing I thought of was sunglasses, killer pants and tossing my hair in slow motion, that’s how fabulous it gets.

As most bag lovers know, functionality is a bonus these days. It has a spacious leather interior that allows you carry most of your modern day gadgets without bulging. This is possible as it has a box structure, so it neither bends nor spills content over and its firmness allows it to be placed on almost all surfaces without worry of slip or fall.

Its oversize box nature makes it extremely versatile in any situation. Whether you are on holiday, strutting through the airport (… how I envisioned it), carrying it to a power business brunch or just shopping in the mall with your girls paired with the outfit of your choice, it gives a regal finish.

It is durable as it is made from first layer of calf leather. The flap has a fur finish and a button in similar blue leather, another feature and design concept that has endeared customers to keep ordering this style of bag. Please click on this link to view and purchase the bag in the Ola Sea Breeze range https://okikimarinho.com/product/ola-fuse-sea-breeze-fur/

Our look of the day in this piece goes out to the delectable lady who complimented a print wiggle dress, stunning heels, edgy shades and her Ola Sea Breeze Fuse with Fur.

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