Did you know that ‘Daphne’ was the daughter of a powerful Greek god who was converted to a laurel plant, to keep away an over ambitious lover from wooing her? A bunch of laurels were often shaped in a crown to adorn the heads of winners or Victors back in the Greek days.

It still figuratively refers to honor, distinction and fame.
Okiki Marinho is always about winning so when we discovered this rich gold yellow silk with hand painted art, we immediately sought to match it with a beautiful blouse that would make any woman feel like she was a jewel.

The Daphne skirt is a simple A-line cut with a black net insert at the bottom, side pockets and a waist band. It has been paired with a black off-the-shoulder crepe blouse which has a crown attachment detail along the neck line.As with most of our 2 piece sets, the skirt can be re worn with any other blouse of your choice, and the blouse can be rocked with either pants or a skirt depending on the occasion.

On Mrs. O.M’s recent getaway she wooed us with this ensemble and the icing on the cake was her killer boobs, fabulous gladiator heels and an Ola mini black clutch with fur to rock the evening away.